Sarah Shae
Sarah Shae - Design and Animation
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Goodnight Mommy

A title sequence I created for the Austrian movie Goodnight Mommy. The movie tricks the viewer into thinking they understand the story by using deceiving story telling tactics and reversing our understanding of the characters. I wanted to play off this in my title sequence by combining seemingly unrelated and meaningless objects to create a feeling of discomfort in the viewer. The objects as a whole seem to tell one story, however after watching he movie, it is revealed that our understanding of these objects are reversed. For example, the bugs to an unsuspecting viewer seem like a creepy element, however in the movie the bugs are just pets and aren't meant to be creepy at all while the pizza boxes are an unkown mystery and seem almost more haunting than the bugs.

Created in Maya, rendered with VRay, textures created in Photoshop, composited and animated in After Effects.

All work completed by me.